Karen B. Kahn, EdD, PCC

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Dr. Karen Kahn is a psychologist, certified coach and consultant, and the author of Daunting to Doable - You CAN Make it Rain and 100 Steps to Doable: Pocket-Sized Inspiration for Making it Rain. As the founder and Managing Partner of Threshold Advisors, Karen has worked exclusively with lawyers and law firms for many years as a strategic business development coach and an innovative “thought partner.”

With unparalleled passion and expertise, Karen teaches business development, strategic thinking, clear communication, personal effectiveness, and relationship development. She has a well-established reputation as a "thought leader" and "thought teacher" through her work as a university professor and author, and the developer/leader of more than 200 seminars and workshops for legal associations and law firms. A passionate advocate for women and a recognized “gender expert,” Karen received an award from of the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) for her contributions to women in NAWL. She also facilitates gatherings across industry sectors to foster the notion of women advancing women.

Before embarking on professional consulting career, Karen maintained a successful private coaching/psychology practice. She has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from University of Virginia and a B.A. from Trinity College in Connecticut.