Making Rain is a Small Deal

Lawyers are under intense pressure to develop a book of business, deliver more complex client services, and rack up more accomplishments. For many attorneys, these demands create an anxiety-provoking conundrum: how to make the time. The billable hour typically trumps all, and becoming a rainmaker, even with all its benefits, can seem elusive.

Having worked with hundreds of lawyers, we can tell you that making rain is DOable. With the right strategy and approach, it can be easy, intuitive, and even (gasp!) fun!

Dr. Karen Kahn has distilled decades of psychological insights and coaching experience into a proven methodology for strategic business development for lawyers.

As described in Daunting to Doable – You CAN Make it Rain. Dr. Kahn offers a personalized road map to authentically and naturally develop valuable connections. By taking a series of small, deliberate actions that are aligned with your unique way of working, relating and thinking, rainmaking can - and will - become an integral part of your daily life.

‘Daunting to DOable: You CAN Make IT Rain’ presents a highly practical approach to business development for lawyers that is based on deep experience and psychological insight. I’ve seen Karen’s approach to business development in action, and it works.
— Jamie Hutchinson, Chief Administrative Partner, Alston & Bird LLP

About Karen Kahn, EdD, PCC

Karen is the person lawyers call when their business development efforts, or any part of their career for that matter, feels daunting. Her warm, engaging manner is sprinkled with optimism and curiosity.  Provocative and challenging, nurturing and supportive, Karen blends psychologist and strategist, coach and teacher, colleague and friend into one wise woman.

Above all, Karen is a passionate connector with a true commitment to helping people and organizations succeed. Read more about Karen here.