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Working with a coach provides knowledge, accountability, support, encouragement and the occasional nudge to foster success. Your coach is an expert advisor and ongoing resource who provides new ideas, takes stock of your efforts, and helps you identify and strategize around opportunities and challenges.

Our coaching plans are always tailored to your needs. We'd love to talk to you about how we work and the elements of D2D Coaching programs, whether for individual lawyers or select groups at your firm. Please connect with Karen Kahn directly through our contact form, or cut to the chase and click this button!

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The Daunting to DOable (D2D) Discussion Series is a six-month, facilitated opportunity to learn, discuss and practice the very practical concepts presented in the D2D book alongside a group of similarly motivated peers. Each month, the group discusses previously assigned readings (brief). Through very positive conversations, encouragement from the author/coach participants and relevant “homework” tasks, participants complete the step-by-step activities needed to strategically and tactilely engage in effective business/relationship development momentum.

Whether you are early on in your career, preparing to become a partner, have just achieved partnership ranks or want to move beyond current mid-career achievements, the Discussion Group offers clear, practical guidance proven to impact forward progress and success.  

All highly structured meetings contain compelling questions about book content, queries about previous experiences, examples of styles exhibited by successful rainmakers and an open forum for challenges and alternative viewpoints. Perhaps most important, the meetings offer support to take action as well as experiment with thoughts and behaviors outside of the lawyer's comfort zone. Accountability to implement specific tasks is gently offered.

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Brief programs, 60-90 minutes in length, provide valuable introductory knowledge to the Daunting to DOable concepts. These overviews can stimulate listeners to take actions they never considered before and motivate them to learn more.

The D2D team works with law firms to customize presentations that fit the audience, time frame and interest. Short program topics have included:

  • Daunting to DOable Overview - Touches briefly on all parts of the methodology

  • Daunting to DOable Part I - Focus on the strategic part of the methodology: The current marketplace, elements of success, motivation (“WHYs"); Smart rainmaking goals (“WHAT”); Identifying important relationships (“WHOs”)

  • Daunting to DOable Part II - Focus on the execution (“HOWs”) part of the methodology

  • Engaging the Room YOUR Way - Four-part approach to optimizing attendance at conferences and events that fits each lawyer's personality, style, comfort zone, values and goals