Daunting to DOable - You CAN Make it Rain

Daunting to Doable book cover.jpg

When lawyers describe their business development efforts, the word “scattered” comes up again and again. Many attorneys feel inefficient, ineffective and frustrated just thinking about it.

So, how do you move from scattered to focused and strategic? 

  • Possess a strategy that guides your actions toward goals that are important to you

  • Identify specific individuals who can help you generate business: clients and connectors to clients

  • Sustain and grow relationships

  • Implement intentional daily actions

  • Use your own, natural way of developing relationships

  • Integrate a constant awareness of other people’s personal and professional needs into your conversations

  • Maintain a constant connection to the elements that motivate you

In an upbeat, encouraging voice, the book presents a practical, boots-on-the-ground approach to developing productive, lasting business relationships. Whatever your goals, the Daunting to DOable methodology adapts to fit your personality, style, circumstances and habits. Click here for reviews.

Rainmaking may not always come naturally to lawyers, but using the approach outlined in Daunting to DOable and working with Karen, we have seen that the skills can be taught. The process and techniques can be shaped to fit each lawyer’s reality and personality, and most importantly, used to build a gratifying legal career.
— Ronald H. Shechtman, Managing Partner, Pryor Cashman